Passenger Boat

360.000,00 140.000,00

Dimensions: loa 21.30 and width, 3.60 max, draft 1 meter

Documents inland


This system fixed extinguishing engine room CO2, life belts equal to the number of pax transportable

AIFO engines type 8210 sr 220 naturally aspirated, in-line 6-cylinder 13,000 cc. displacement, last 5,000 hours of work by about latest revision, dx 600 hours since last complete overhaul with replacement crankshaft

Consumption times the boat has always been used with engines at 1,200 rpm instead of 2,200 which represent the rotation speed of the engines installed, which express at their maximum regime a power of 220 hp. At current 1,200 revs / min the current boat, fully loaded, slightly above 8 knots and consumes 24 l / h total, we estimate that with the engine at full speed the boat can reach 16 knots, with a double consumption

the boat is immediately available at our site based in Mantua,

-Material aluminum construction

In late June 2015, the boat has undergone the so-called visit “special” (hull, machinery, equipment).

The boat worked (scheduled public service) following the favorable outcome of all tests. for the occasion we were also detected plating thickness and texture, finding them equal to the original thickness.

And ‘powered by 2 AIFO / 220 hp IVECO 821 SM one, we de-speeded (blocked injection to 1700 rev / min’) pumps because we do not have the problem of speed, quite the contrary, working in a park. One of them (right) was completely overhauled last year at a cost of 12,000 €-only workshop (new crankshaft, since he had shot without oil), excluding disembark and re-embark and is still running, while the left works perfectly (do not eat a gram of oil).


On board it is also present a genset 12 kva, refrigerated, toilets, black water tank with built-in pump for the water landing, radar, VHF radio, etc. diffusion facility entries.

The Scirocco boat was completely refurbished in 2002 (since then has done about 2,000 hours of motion always at 1200 r / m ‘).

The boat has been working the last five seasons (two months per year) in a protected area (alpine lake) that has been fitted with a particulate mufflers with electronically controlled injection obtaining a catalyst accordance with the emissions that meet the strict standards imposed by 5 Euros.

The boat is very tidy and always well maintenance, but most did not work.

Currently it located in the dry at our shipyard in Mantova