Used Barge

100.000,00 85.000,00

Currently the barge is in dry construction site in Mantua where ongoing work of maintenance, including the replacement of the bow the knee plates (see attached photo), because in thickness (it was the room that was used for ballast) and the part of the watertight bulkheads.
It remains to perform the blasting and painting, so you can perform the periodic inspection test and put the boat in the water. The documents will then be renovated in the next month because the first 4-5 days of sun we will use it for painting and sandblasting
The pontoon is equipped with 2 positioning poles 300 mm. in diameter, 12 meters long and is equipped with watertight guide holes, that pass through the hull at the stern and bow.
There deckhouse, but being 2 meters tall and has a large hatch on deck, you can hospitalize materials below deck. One deck you can always build wanting.