Used Tugboat

50.000,00 30.000,00

Registered with the Master of Venice with freshman VE 9218

12:40 m length

width 3.30 m.

draft: 1,20

IVECO CURSOR 8 engine type M30 300 hp continuous power at 2000 rev / min ‘with around 2,000 hours of motion

Inverter with ratio 3.1

perfect hull

The boat is easily transportable on the road because both the upper part of the dashboard of the machine that the skylights and the thrust shoes, are removable (bolted), but in the case of having to transfer to Venice, you can easily do away water


the boat we bought it at a judicial auction. In the period between the rod and the failure it had been moored in the Venetian lagoon in a remote place, where she underwent the removal of the intercooler and the flooding of the engine room (sabotage carried out through open sea water intake and cut sleeve).

Just come into possession, we towed our site of Mantua, is dry and proceeded to land the engine, which is currently dismantled in the workshop. The engine proves to have a limited motion (as foreman IVECO estimates made on the basis of the shirts provided). To be reassembled the engine needs replacing the piston rings and pistons 3 (you are oxidized) and of course purchase intercooler, for a total expenditure of about € 10,000.

The rather inverter has been checked and is ok.

We debated between recompose its engine (highly evolved machine electronically controlled and successful model IVECO) or mount a half-life engine (such as a 8280 or a 8361), but efficient, that we would spend less on the engine, but there It would require some modification of the base and clamping, in addition to mount a less modern engine of the ..

In the state in which it is (open) engine with dry delivery to the construction site of Mantua the price is € 30,000 plus VAT if due